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Ford Gate

This is not a commercial gate. Please direct commercial traffic to our Bison gate.

Telephone: (949) 717-5179
Address: 2 Southern Hills Drive

Bison Gate

Commercial gate for deliveries, trucks and buses.

Service Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Telephone: (949) 720-4930
Address: 1 Country Club Drive


dwellingLIVE is a service provided by your community association. Please click on the link below to be redirected to the dwellingLIVE page.

Link: dwellingLIVE



Welcome to your new home at One Ford Road. We hope you find your new community warm and inviting. In 1999, when this community was developed, it won an award for being the Best National Master Planned Community. Our owners have great pride and we welcome you to our community.

For your convenience, a temporary Gate Pass will be issued at either gate entrance to new homeowners presenting proof of homeownership within the community (i.e., grant deed or closing statement). This pass will provide you access to the vehicle gates through the Guest lane and will be good for up to thirty (30) days. Please show the Gate Attendant your pass for access.

Please register with Management in order to obtain your vehicle transponders and key fobs. Residents are required to complete the Homeowner Access Gate Information Form along with any fee payments. We offer onsite assistance as well as at the Management office.

To register, you will complete an application providing the names of the Residents, the property address, telephone numbers, vehicle make and license plate number(s) are outlined on the form. In addition, you may choose to provide a list of your permanent Guests that you authorize access into the community.

Management programs and installs all transponders after receipt of the request form. Member/Resident is responsible to update Management on license plates and vehicle information. Automated gate access via the Resident lane is a privilege and may be denied if the Owner/Resident is not in compliance until the update is made. Residents have an unconditional right to access their properties via the Guest Lane.

Up to three (3) vehicle transponders may be assigned to each address. If an additional transponder is needed, the Resident may purchase one for $50.00 (maximum of four (4) per household) upon verification of ownership and the presentation of vehicle registration. Transponders will be issued to all tenants or lessees of property owners upon submittal of the signed lease and completed Access Gate Information Form. Owners will be responsible for any abuse of privileges by tenants or lessees, their family members, and guests.

Up to two (2) key fobs will be assigned to each address. The key fobs provide access to the pedestrian access gates, pool gates and restrooms, Fitness Center and Clubhouse. Replacement key fobs are available for $50.00.


The Association wishes to provide efficient and the smoothest possible access to our community.

One Ford Road subscribes to a web-based Guest access system called DwellingLive to easily manage your guest list and account information online or on your mobile device.   Guests names that are entered by homeowners automatically show up at the in the system to alert the Gate Attendants that the Guests are expected.  The Gate Attendant will allow the visitor access without telephoning the Resident.

You may list your family, friends, personal service providers, and regular vendors accordingly and limit access to certain days/times.   To use the system, go to or the App Store/Google Play.  It is the Resident’s responsibility to update this list if they decide to take this individual off the permanent access list.

  • Guests must be registered to be granted access our community.  Please register your Guests by telephoning the Gate Attendant or online via Dwelling Live (  We do not allow any Guest access to our community unless their name is provided to the Gate Attendants.
  • Please note that our Gate Attendants must call Residents to obtain permission to grant access for each Unregistered Guest.  This can create delays and backups at the gate which is an inconvenience to everyone.
  • For events with 20+ Guests, Residents must submit a Guest list to the Gate Attendant at least 24 hours in advance or enter the Guest List into DwellingLive before the event starts.  Please don’t call and state “Please let everyone in for my address.”  We are unable to honor such requests.
  • For events with 40+ Guests, Residents must give the Management and the Gate Attendant 48 hours advance notice so that our gates are adequately staffed to maintain traffic flow for the benefit of the entire community.   The Resident is billed for the additional gate staff required as a result of their event.

Service Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Commercial Entrance:

The Bison Gate at Country Club Drive is the designated entrance and exit for commercial and bus traffic.  This designation was made to protect the stone entry roadway at the Ford gate.  Please direct all commercial traffic to use the Bison Gate.   The Ford gate at Southern Hills Drive is directed to turn away commercial traffic.


Real estate brokers and agents are permitted entry to the community to show properties and work with clients.  Homeowner must register and authorize the entry of a real estate agent and advise of any Open Houses and showings with the Gate Attendant.