We have received reports of coyotes in OFR. Please exercise caution and report coyote sightings to the NBPD.

  • Report Sightings & Call NBPD For Help
  • Report a coyote sighting – follow link below
  • For help with an Animal Control issue, call 949-644-3717



Use a variety of hazing tools to frighten coyotes and deter them from backyards and play spaces:

  • Stand tall, wave your arms, and yell, approaching the coyote if necessary.
  • Use noisemakers (your voice, whistles, bells, or “shaker” cans filled with marbles or pennies).
  • Throw items such as sticks, small rocks, cans, tennis balls or rubber balls.
  • Spray the coyote with a garden hose or from a spray bottle filled with vinegar water.

Coyote Hazing Teams & “Wildlife Watch”

The City of Newport Beach is currently working on organizing Coyote Hazing Teams throughout the city to haze coyotes in their neighborhoods and educate their neighbors on coyote hazing. This is part of a larger partnership with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife where we are working towards a community Wildlife Watch Program, similar to Neighborhood Watch.

If you are interested in providing coyote hazing information to your community and assist the City with hazing efforts, send an email to aco@nbpd.org.


Protect yourself and your pets from nuisance animals like coyotes and other wildlife:

  • Fence off animal enclosures (fully enclose them, if possible)
  • Keep cats and small dogs indoors
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Store tin covered heavy-duty containers
  • Keep yards free from potential shelter, such as thick brush and weeds
  • Enclose the bottoms of porches and decks
  • Eliminate potential food and water sources, such as fallen fruit and standing water
  • Never feed coyotes

Providing food for wild animals is a violation of City & State law, and is a very serious problem. Coyotes fed by humans lose their fear of people, which can create a dangerous situation. If you are aware of anyone feeding coyotes, please report the violation by calling 949-644-3717.